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Desktop Connect: What is the default settings of UVNC under " Admin Properties " and how UVNC used in using Desktop Connect application?

Andy Christianson
posted this on September 4, 2010, 10:48

Note: This document applies only to Windows users.  


For Windows computers Easy Connect provides an option to install Ultr@VNC which it uses as companion software with Desktop Connect. 


1. To configure Ultr@VNC you may select the Ultr@VNC [winvnc]  icon in the taskbar which is shown in Figure 1 below:





  Figure 1a: winvnc and Easy Connect (Unsigned status )  system tray icon.  




Figure 1b: winvnc and Easy Connect (Signed status )  system tray icon.





2. To configure Ultr@VNC right click on the icon in Figure 1 and select "Admin Properties".  This will bring up the configuration box shown in Figure 2. 



Figure 2: Windows UltraVNC preferred settings for Desktop Connect.  



3. We recommend the settings shown in Figure 2 for Ultr@VNC for use with Easy Connect or when you manually add a VNC computer within Desktop Connect.  


4. To change your VNC password that you are prompted for when connecting to your computer simply type in a new password under "Authentication" and enter it in the "VNC Password" box shown above in Figure 2.




On some Windows installations an additional security measure applies where you will be prompted to approve changes you make in Figure 1 AFTER you press the OK or APPLY buttons.  


In Figure 3 we show a "Run As" dialogue box where the user must UNCHECK the "Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity" and then press OK to have the Ultr@VNC changes take affect. 





          Figure 3: The " Run As" dialogue box which requires the user to "uncheck" the "Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity " 




For more information on how to install Easy Connect and the steps required to configure it please see the following FAQ:

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