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sign in failed check credentials

Justin Brown
asked this on August 06, 2011 14:01


hi I am a new user and so far it look's good but on my pc i get "sign in failed check credentials" i know I’m using the right email and pass word i log in to Google every day please help, and when I connect i am not able to use the mouse i can move it but I’m not able to see it move on my other computer thank you.



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thomas toomer

i keep getting the same message,  check credentials

November 13, 2011 12:50
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paul mahady

me to it is a load of s**t lucky i bought logmein pro and that works in two mins i bought this as it was on sale i am good with computers but this is a joke and not a funny one 

December 17, 2011 07:16
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Andy Christianson
Antecea Helpdesk for Desktop, Cloud, Files, and Easy Connect

Hello Justin, Thomas, and Paul


Please let us know: Which version of Desktop Connect application you are running on your iOS device? The latest available version is 4.3. So please make sure you are running the latest available version of Desktop Connect application on your iOS devices. 


Suggestion: Please QUIT " Desktop Connect " application on your iOS devices from the background process.  Now launch Desktop Connect application on your iOS devices. Enter the correct username and password of your google account into Desktop Connect and try to sign. 


 Note:  Antecea has just released a new version beta ) of Easy Connect application for Windows computer. 

So please delete and uninstall completely the old version 1.0.16( beta ) of Easy Connect application from your Windows computer. 

Now download, install and run the latest available version beta ) of Easy Connect application on your Windows computer from this link:   


Please let us know whether you are encountering the same issue or not in the latest available version beta ) version of Easy Connect application. 

December 27, 2011 14:47
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Romar Reppen-Gjelseth

I think I may have the answer to this one. Been having the same problem myself, after accidentally signing out of EasyConnect on my Mac. Google mail offers a two-step authentication setup to protect your email account from hacking. This is not supported by all devices, so as a result you have to generate a password for each device. This is done in Gmails account settings. Once you have generated a password, be sure to input it into both computer AND iOS device before leaving the page, as the password is only displayed once. (If you missed this step, then don´t worry - just generate another one and try again ;)) This solved the problem for me.

July 31, 2012 15:59