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Desktop Connect: How to use "Easy Connect Gateway" feature ?

Andy Christianson
posted this on April 4, 2011, 12:50




Easy Connect Gateway




What is “Easy Connect Gateway”?


The “Easy Connect Gateway” feature offers you the ability to connect to a computer remotely using any Web Browser (like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome). You may also use any VNC viewer on your Desktop.  Additionally MAC users can connect to other MAC computers using its built-in Screen Sharing. 





How do I use the “Easy Connect Gateway” feature?


To use this feature you have to follow some steps on your iOS Device (running Desktop Connect) and on your computer.





pastedGraphic_2.pdf  On iOS Devices (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch):  


  1.  Sign in your Google Account. Once you get signed in Desktop Connect will show you all the Easy Connect computers under the “ Easy Connect (Internet)” section. 
  2.  Tap “Easy Connect Gateway”.
  3.  A window comes up with information on the HTTP and VNC servers that are running on your device as shown in figure 1:



Figure 1: Window showing HTTP and VNC server link.



pastedGraphic_4.pdf  On the Computer: 


  1.  Through Web Browser:  


  1.  Open your web browser. 
  2.  Point your web browser to HTTP link shown on your iOS device. A “ Java applet Window” will pop out on your browser. It will start the connection to Desktop Connect.
  3.  Once the browsers establishes a connection, Desktop Connect on your iOS device will display all the available Easy Connect computers as shown in figure 2




Figure 2


  1.  Tap a computer on your iOS device. It will start the connection to that computer


Figure 3


  1.  The browser will prompt you for the VNC password of the computer you had selected in Desktop Connect.




Figure 4: Type the VNC password of your chosen easy connect computer. 













B. OSX to OSX Screen Sharing using Easy Connect Gateway:

1. Press “ Command + K “ on your MAC computer. A dialog box will appear as shown in figure 5. Enter the server address and press “ Connect” button. The server address is the VNC Server link which shown in figure 1.



Figure 5: Enter the IP address and port as shown in Desktop Connect

2. Choose any  “MAC OS X based” Easy Connect Computer on your iOS device.


3. The MAC OSX compute will prompt you for a username and password. Please enter the username and password of the MAC OSX computer you are trying to connect to. This is NOT the VNC password.


         Figure 6: Enter the username and password of the target MAC OSX computer.




To enable access from a Web Browser, Desktop Connect needs to download certain Java files from its servers. These java files are used by your web browser to connect and view the remote computer. Please keep in mind that the Web Browser access may not work if you choose not to download the Java files.


** Please ensure your browser have the required Java plugins. You can always downloaded the latest Java from

** Download Sun Java on your computer. ( )

** This feature does not work with Safari on iPad / iPhone/ iPod Touch.

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